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A space for thoughts. #


Voices of reason

·1532 words·8 mins
We live in an age of confusion, probably by design. Here are some of the sources I use to keep abreast of what happens in the world. YMMV.

The dystopia of dystopias

·423 words·2 mins
Most people seem to be living their own versions of a dystopia, contentious with other versions of the dystopia.

The unintended consequences of ethical choices

·1551 words·8 mins
Contrary to intuition, life becomes easier as a result of good ethical choices, because good ethical choices provide positive constraints to the design of our life, and the actions that subsequently guide it.


·476 words·3 mins
Sometimes, Cambodia feels too real.

The carnival

·510 words·3 mins
Cambodia feels real.

Moving the blog

·32 words·1 min
Moving the blog to a subdomain.

On naming files

·578 words·3 mins
I recently came across a file naming system that got me thinking whether I should change my own.


·464 words·3 mins
I fear I’m going down another rabbit hole.

Back online

·1523 words·8 mins
The last ten days, the forest we planted, the next few days, and some asides about US politics and climate change.

Shopping and then more packing

·251 words·2 mins
After a day of shoping for furniture, I’m back to packing. Snapped a photo of a menacing looking sky before the storm.

Half way mark

·709 words·4 mins
Packing has been hard, but rewarding work. Time for a break tomorrow. Five more days to go.

Arrived in Thailand

·656 words·4 mins
Coincidentally traveled with a friend. Had my measuring tape confiscated. Made it through in one piece.

A life-changing conversation

·658 words·4 mins
One of the reasons I became vegan, and dinner at Sundays, a new vegan restaurant in town.

On technology

·740 words·4 mins
Fingerprinting as fashion. On enabling useless and potentially harmful technology for the sake of looking cool.