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Shopping and then more packing

<time datetime="2023-07-11 00:00:00 &#43;0700 &#43;07">11 July 2023</time><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span>251 words</span><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span title="Reading time">2 mins</span>

The sky looked menacing right before the rain

Yesterday #

I spent all day yesterday shopping at IKEA, and it was more tiring than the days I’ve spent packing. As much as I dislike supranational companies, I managed to buy everything I wanted, which would have been impossible without IKEA.

Nowadays, pretty much every time I go to someone’s house I feel a sense of displaced familiarity; I’ll see my kettle, or my chair or my cabinet and feel a sense of superficial connection. It’s familiar because I live with the same items, it’s displaced because there’s nothing cultural that ties me to these items except the omnipresence of the corporation. Scandinavian modern design for all. Hej!

Today #

Today I finally finished packing things in boxes. All that’s left is to pack the larger items and furniture with bubble wrap, cardboard and plastic wrap and to plastic wrap all the boxes. Fortunately, my friend is coming to help again tomorrow, and I’m hoping we’ll finish in one day, but I have a feeling it’s going to take at least two days, or three.

I heard thunder earlier today, went outside to take a look, and snapped a photo of the sky just before a massive storm. I was lucky we didn’t have a storm yesterday on the way back from IKEA or the furniture I bought might have been ruined. We covered the bed of the truck with a plastic tarp, but it was not completely watertight. I’m not sure if it would have kept the water out.